Smart aquarium is a modern system for keeping marine aquariums. The application allows not only for remote management of the devices, but also has a number of additional solutions to support the keeping of a marine aquarium. At the aquarist’s disposal we have panels of devices, measurement histories, alarms, dashboards and many others.

In Smart aquarium we can also find a number of additional free tools supporting the work of a marine aquarist. A clear and custom-made parameter panel, where the aquarist can add the results of measurements. Reef Log – a calendar of work on the marine aquarium.

In 2022, will result in the announces many new features and free tools that will make the system even more attractive. The app is available for download from the Apple store and Google Play.

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The Smart aquarium system devices allow you to automate some of the tasks involved in running a marine aquarium. With its help, the Dosing pump Large will perform an automatic water change, the Dosing pump family will automatically administer supplements, the KH keeper Plus together with the Dosing pump on the other hand will measure KH and adjust supplementation according to consumption – it will automate the area of maintaining the KH parameter at an appropriate level.

 We can also control the lighting cycle of the units, Reef flare Pro and Reef flare Bar, and with the Power switcher also the analogue lamp schedule. Level keeper is the automation of the evaporated water refill area. Thermo control keeps the temperature at the right level.